Want to know where to eat in Sanford, Florida?

I'd highly recommend the shrimp appetizer and the Sanford special entree if you & 2 other people are really hungry. Huge portions!

Clint J.  DeBary, FL

The host and server were awesome, polite and on top of their game. The appetizers were delicious and fresh. The Sanford was amazing. The grouper Ruben was also very good.

Scott R.   Deltona Lakes, Deltona, FL

 The Breezeway Restaurant and Bar is where you want to eat in Sanford.

-This is also a nice area to eat outside between the restaurant and neighboring building that is a breezeway. The wind funneled by the buildings make the temperature nice and comfortable. Service is good too, even on lunch hours.

                                               Jade R.

                                               Orlando, FL


- the staff is amazing. Friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.

 Bruce W.

 Longwood, FL


          -Stopped at the Breezeway Restaurant & Bar on First Street in downtown Sanford FL last night (Saturday evening). They had a guitar player/singer earlier in the evening and then at 9PM, a live band that played rock and roll, 70s, and 80s music. They did a very nice job. The food was excellent and the service was fast. My waiter was friendly and attentive even though the outside restaurant seating area was packed. Casual dress is the norm and a great little place to go for good, free entertainment on a Saturday night.

Lt Thorpe

Orlando Fl

Full Bar

    -The bartender, Jess, was the most amazing! She remembered me on my 2nd visit, several days after my first visit.

Jessie Earley


Every time I've been seated, within the first couple of minutes the server always gets our drink order and brings it back pretty quickly.

Sam L.

Sanford, Orlando FL


  The Breezeway

. . .Restaurant & Bar

TEL (407) 878-1284

ADDRESS 112 E 1st St
Sanford, FL 32771